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Totally-flowers is a site dedicated to the joy of garden flowers in all forms. Flowers play an important role in all landscape design while providing color and joy. Any realtor will tell you how important curb appeal is when you are trying to market your home. The first thing they will tell you is to plant flowers. They know how significant the addition of color is and how that translates to curb appeal.

I often hear people say that you must have a "green thumb" to have any success with plants in general, not true! It's all about selecting the correct garden flowers and plants, planting them correctly and watering them sufficiently. It doesn't have to take much time or even be high maintenance. I believe success is based on how well they are initially planted including soil preparation.

There are also ways to reduce the amount of maintenance required, you don't have to be chained to the hose all summer. Every location has its unique challenges but there is a solution that allows a beautiful bed and plenty of free time.

I have spent many years creating healthy colorful beds. As a child my mother always required all of us to participate in her award winning annual garden beds. I learned a great deal from her and I have expanded that knowledge with many years of growing all types of gardens including annual, perennial and wildflower beds, combined with flowering shrubs and trees.

I am dedicated to encouraging others to try their hand at creating color in their lives with garden flowers. I have helped many people who thought it was not possible. For example, I knew a older person who could not remember and sometimes was not physically able to water her plants. Obviously they looked awful and typically died by late July. I suggested she allow me to install a drip system around her flowers and place it on a timer. She was doubtful it would work but allowed me to try. The cost was minimal and the results were amazing. Now she enjoys beautiful color all summer long and has started to entertain guests that also want to enjoy her beds.

As you can see, flowers are not just about plants, they are a social mechanism. They create conversation, breakdown barriers, expand eco-systems and bring joy to all. Totally-Flowers provides information on how anyone can create and succeed at flower gardening.

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Annual Flowers
Annual flowers provide ever-blooming color and are great for entire beds or just filling in bare spots.
Perennials offer many different sizes, colors and textures in both their leaves and flowers.
Wild Flowers
Wild flowers are amoung the most colorful and easiest flowers to grow
Flower Bulbs
Flower bulbs are easy to grow and offer plenty of color.
Flowering Shrubs
Flowering shrubs can enhance and beautify any landscape.
Flowering Trees
Flowering trees can enhance any landscape with their color and beauty.
Flowering Vines
Flowering vines can be beautiful and colorful when added to trellises, arbors and pergolas.
Ground Cover
Using ground cover is a great way to hide bare spots and retain moisture in the soil.
Flower Care
Flower care and preparation is essential for success and grandeur of your garden.
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