About Us

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About us, we are passionate gardeners that love to try new things. We have been gardening for 30 years involving 5 different homes. Each time we move we agree not to go overboard with our gardens. It never works, gardening is in our blood and nothing can stop it.

We take great pride in our yard and the ability to grow things that are known to be difficult. We love to have people over and share our gardens. I am often asked to give a tour of our yard and explain what each plant is. There is no better compliment then for people to show interest in what we have done.

I have had formal education in architecture and landscaping. Most of our advice comes from our personal experiences and failures. The only way we can learn is to try and if we fail it just teaches us something new. Most of it is common sense, if you plant it correctly and water it, most plants will grow.

We prefer more natural garden styles with little arranging. I guess it would be similar to cottage style gardens. Our gardens are free flowing and are connected by walkways. It is important that everyone have a chance to view our gardens so we installed many walkways for those people more physically challenged. Even the walkways have growing flowers scattered throughout.

Our goal is to show everyone how beautiful and enjoyable gardens can be. They don't have to be difficult and everyone can succeed if the right plants are selected. You don't have to have a "green thumb" to grow a colorful garden.

Color is such a huge issue in states like ours that have long dreary winters. There is very little sun in the winter and everything is gray and dark. The only way we get through it is to remember the previous summer and how beautiful and colorful it was. We are always looking for something different to add to our gardens. Unusual colors, unique plants and new breeds are mixed with more common plants to create a very attractive bed.

We just love gardening and creating different, unique looks. There is nothing more pleasing than creating a successful living bed. We also love nature and animals which go hand and hand with plants. It connects us with our earth and all things natural in a way that cannot be explained. I hope this tells you a little about us, our experiences and interests.