Annual Sun Photos

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Annual sun photos of flowers that thrive in full sun gardens. There are pictures of many of the varieties I refer to in the annual page. There are pictures of different varieties of the same plant. For example, there are several different variations of Marigolds pictured.

These first few are pictures of Marigolds that I grew from seed saved from the previous 2 years. All I do is snap off the old dried buds, put them in an envelope and store them in a cool, dry and dark location. Sometimes I just snap the dried buds off and scatter them in my bed, they either come up that same summer or the following spring.

I often find that the seed I use from my own plants grows better than any flat I could purchase. The seed plants are much stronger and grow much fuller and larger than the hothouse grown flats. Moss Rose is another annual that does well from seed. I have Moss Rose growing all over my yard, the seed is tiny and can be blown everywhere. I even have it coming up in my stone paths, it actually looks quite nice.

Also pictured are red Dianthus, Ageranium and Petunias. All are extremely hardy and withstand the heat though Petunias will wilt if not watered often. There is the added benefit that most of the flowers pictured do not attract a lot of bees, this is important if you know someone that is allergic to bee stings.

There are many more varieties than those I have mentioned but the plants I have provided are those that I have found to be the most hardy. I have tried many other types with little success in my gardens. I will continue to try as many varieties as I can find. I just buy a few each year and mix them in with the more hardy types, this way my garden always looks nice even if the new varieties don't take well. I get an extreme amount of sun and for the last several years the sun seems more intense then ever. Even the annuals that state they are for full sun often cannot stand up to the severe summer sun we receive.

The bottom line is to stick with the hardiest varieties and sample many others to find out what works best in your garden. I will continue to add annual sun photos as I try new types.