Annual Winners

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Annual winners, top three recommended annual flowers. Here are my three top rated annuals flowers based on their performance as indicated.

1) Geranium

Geraniums are number one for several reasons. They are extremely hardy, they last all season till first frost. They come in a good variety of colors and bloom types. The plant is quite attractive and healthy in appearance. They bloom well all season and handle all weather conditions. The only negative is the need to pinch back the bloom as they die. In order to keep a full head of bloom the pinching must be done on a regular basis.

2) Moss Rose

I was surprised when Moss Rose came up so high on the list. They are extremely hardy, grow in anything and they constantly re-seed themselves. There is a huge combination of flower colors which appear like a small double rose. Unlike the Geranium, the plant is not much to look at but with the profusion of flowers the plant is rarely noticeable. The only negative I found is the size of the plant which is rather small and limits it's uses.

3) Dianthus

These are my personal favorites. Dianthus are very hardy and come in a large variety of flower size and color. Although the flowers are not very large they bloom in abundance. The plant is attractive usually staying in a nice clump of dark green. Even though they are annuals, it is not unusual for them to return the next season depending on how severe the winter is. The only negative is the lag in bloom, they will re-bloom but the lag is disappointing.

There are many beautiful annuals available. My choices were based on several issues but number one was their hardiness. If you can achieve great color without a lot of maintenance then that's a winner. These annual winners meet the above criteria and make any garden beautiful.