Bulb Photos

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Bulb photos of some of the most popular and common flowers. These early spring performers are hardy, colorful and easy to grow. Below are some photos of Double Poppy Anemone.

Since I mix these Anemone in with order plants, they tend to bloom from early spring to mid summer. They are shorter even with the flower stems so they will need to be planted with lower level plants. Mine reach about 8" to 10" tall.

Iris are another great bulb and they offer many different varieties, heights and colors. Below are pictures of just a couple I have; Asian and Dwarf Dutch.

I also love all lilies but one of my favorites is naturalizing lily since they multiply so well. They come in a variety of colors and reproduce like crazy. They handle any soil and weather conditions well. Here are a few pictures........

Below are some Gladiolus which are a great bulb performer, they are easy to grow and come in some very unusual colors. The only issue with these is they tend to flop over so it's best to plant them with surrounding plants that are sturdy. Surrounding them like this can also extend the bloom time deeper into summer.

These are just a few bulb photos I currently have, I will be adding more as the seasons change and I expand the varieties in my gardens.