Bulb Winners

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Bulb winners, choosing the top three flowering bulbs. Although this is a smaller category, selection was still difficult since bulb bloomers are known for their outstanding flowers. I have chosen the top three based mostly on their variety and bloom time.

1) Iris

Iris has always been a very hardy performer that comes in many colors, bloom and plant sizes and it has an exceptional flower style. Just the amount of variations is enough to get the top ranking. The plant variations are unique to this bulb coming in dwarf, medium, large and hybrids that look like tall grass plants. The growers have created so many color choices it's difficult to pick one. There are double bloomers, ruffled bloomers and now ever-bloomers. They bloom early to late spring and some hybrids in early summer. If your going to try a bulb, this is the one.

2) Gladiolus

These are great bulb plants that people have been planting for years. Their tall spikes of flowers offer many unusual color combinations. They are very hardy and require little care. I never remove my bulbs in region 5 and they always return. They easily reproduce making many more majestic spears. The plant is not really special other then the fact it is different. The only negative is the flower spikes may need to be staked to prevent them from collapsing. I would recommend planting them with other sturdy perennials to avoid ugly stakes.

3) Naturalizing Lilies

Great assortment of colors and extremely hardy. These lilies are among the strongest and they also multiple well. I have had them reach 5 foot with huge flower production. Although they are very beautiful they did not make the top two for only one reason, their flowers are not quite as intense as the Iris or Gladiolus. In every other way they are number one.

All three of these bulb flowers are great performers that stand out in any garden. Although they do not offer flowering all season long they are still worth planting.

Bulb winners are a must for any garden landscape. They provide that explosive burst of color early in the season and bring a smile to even the most unhappy face. Bulb flowers make the world a brighter place.