Fall Color Trees

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Fall color trees add spectacular display to any home landscape, It's a last burst of color prior to the long months of dismal, gray winter. Although some of the flowering trees can offer good fall color, there are several others that are worth consideration. I have compiled a list of several fall color performers that are outstanding.


  • Amur Acer Maple - orange to red then burgundy
  • Amelanchier - orange to red, bloomer also
  • Autumn Purple Ash - deep purple
  • Blue Beach - red
  • Black Gum - bright red
  • Dogwood - orange to red, also bloomer
  • Norway Maple - bright yellow to gold
  • Paper Birch - bright yellow, beautiful bark
  • Pin Oak - red
  • Red Oak - orangy red
  • Scarlet Maple - red
  • Sugar Maple - orange
  • Sumac - bright red
  • Many fruit trees - plums and peach trees, oranges

Above is a picture of an Amelanchier in early fall color. The tree starts with a brilliant orange and grows to a darker rust color. The added benefit to this clump tree is it also blooms very well in the spring. You will often see landscapers use this specimen as a foundation plant near the front corner of the house.

There are many other trees that have colored leaves all summer and carry that color into fall. Trees like Canadian Cherry, Red Leaf Plums, Crimson King, some Crabapples and Japanese Red Maples add a deep red to purple color that lasts through fall.

Any tree that changes leaf color in the fall does require certain conditions in order to achieve the best fall color. Things like moisture and temperature will affect the color. If the summer was dry, the color won't be as dramatic and if the nights get to cold early on, then the color does not have a chance to form. Generally the trees have adapted their color to the specific region they grow in so most of the time the color will be good.

Fall is one of my favorite times of year. There is a certain crispness to the air, the evenings are cool and the color is fantastic in a different way than summer. Fall color trees are a big part of this since the colors are never the same and continually change as the season progresses.