Flower Care

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Flower care and preparation is essential for success and grandeur of your garden. Anyone can grow flowers of any type but in order to have that full ever-blooming garden there are certain steps required. Of coarse some of the success is directly related to how good the soil is initially but bad soil can be overcome just like anything else.

Soil preparation is the first step for creating beautiful flower beds. A lot of how you proceed with your prep will depend on what kind of soil you start with. On my 1/4 acre lot I have several different types of soil depending on where I plant. Each requires a different treatment to improve the quality of the soil. There are several things that can be done to improve your soil quality in the short term and permanently.

You need to consider things like moisture retention and nutrient amounts. If your soil is hard dry clay then it stands to reason there is very little moisture retention or nutrient amounts. This can still be corrected but I don't suggest changing it completely. I want plants that can handle the soil quality where I live with a little boost, not a complete overhaul.

Once your planting is complete there is still flower care to be done. A lot of people think you plant and water once a month but that won't work if your looking for a spectacular garden. With the extreme swings in weather, attention is needed in order to keep the flowers blooming and spreading. There are many ways this can be accomplished with a lot or little time. Always consider things like pests, water, fertilizers and invasive weeds as continuous issues. The care should never stop if you want complete success.

There are many tips and tricks that many gardens have and use. I always suggest that everyone experiment for themselves and find what works best for their garden. I have many tips and tricks that I have learned through trial and error. Most of the time that is how you discover what works, when something fails. I have been gardening for 30 years and I am still learning everyday. Every year my gardens improve through what I have learned the year before.

Flower care is a labor of love, you must be an enthusiast to properly care for flowers and beds. With a little time each day you can have that garden that everyone wants.