Flowering Shrubs

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Flowering shrubs can enhance and beautify any landscape. There is a good variety of bushes available that have a significant bloom. I thought it was important to include these plants since their beauty can enhance the overall landscape and garden beds. It's nice to include one of these specimens in a annual or perennial bed as an anchor. The benefit of these bushes is the reliability and the fact they always return. It's a one time expense with the most reliable blooming.

I have gathered a list of some of my favorite shrubs. In order to make the list the plants had to have at least one of these qualities; hardiness, spectacular bloom or fragrance. Many of the selections have all three elements as noted.


  • Azalea - spectacular bloom
  • Butterfly Bush - bloom, attracts butterflies
  • Chokeberry - Hardy, berries attracts birds
  • Flowering Almond - spectacular bloom
  • Forsythia - very hardy, early bloom
  • Flowering Quince - hardy, fragrance
  • Hydrangea - spectacular bloom, attractive shape
  • Lilac - bloom, frangrance, hardy
  • Mock Orange - hardy, fragrance
  • Potentilla - hardy, continueous bloom
  • Rose Tree of Sharon - spectacular bloom
  • Rose Bush - bloom, frangrance
  • Rhodadendrum - bloom
  • Sweet Pea - bloom
  • Spirea - bloom, hardy
  • Verburnum - bloom, fragrance
  • Weigela - hardy, contineous bloom

There are many more shrubs that have unimpressive bloom and therefore did not make the list. The list is for the primary purpose of adding an anchor to a garden of flowers. For example, a Flowering Almond in the center of an annual bed would be very attractive and create a focal point within the bed. Having fragrance around a deck or patio is another goal.

Like with any perennial, be sure to check the bloom time for flowering shrubs. In order to have a continuous cycle of bloom we have to know bloom times for every flower we plant. Many of the flowering bushes bloom in spring. See the zone page for approximate bloom times.

Something else to keep in mind is that shrubs offer something most flowers don't, fall color. Many bushes are known for their fall color just like trees. Some of the blooming shrubs also have nice fall color. The key is to try and create a burst of color all season long and into fall. I am a strong believer that flowering shrubs are a must in all garden and flower landscapes. They provide many benefits like attracting butterflies and birds, they provide shelter, a wind break, fragrance, and in some cases, fall color. The perfect garden utilizes all of the plants available to create a consistent and eye-catching display.