Flowering Trees

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Flowering trees can enhance any landscape with their color and beauty. There is a huge variety of trees that flower in many different colors. We most often think of flowers as annuals, perennials and wild flowers but tree bloom is every bit as beautiful. Most trees bloom in early to mid spring. Colors range from white to deep purple and everything in between.

Choosing the right trees is not always easy since there are so many that have bloom. It might be easier to follow in steps; height and spread, clump or single stem, bloom color, fall color. Below I have compiled a list of some of the more attractive and hardy varieties available.


  • Amelanchier - white bloom, early spring, clump form
  • Bradford Pear - white bloom, mid spring
  • Canadian Cherry - white bloom, clump or single
  • Crabapple - many colors, late spring, clump or single
  • Crape Myrtle - pink, late spring
  • Dogwood - white, red, pink, early spring, clump or single
  • Fruit trees - white to light pink, early spring
  • Golden Rain Tree - yellow gold, late spring
  • Ivory Silk Lilac - white, late spring
  • Kwanzan Cherry - pink double, late spring
  • Magnolia - white and pink bi, clump or single, early
  • Mimosa - pink, mid spring to late
  • Red Leaf Plum Tree - white, mid spring
  • Redbud - pink, mid spring, clump or single
  • White Fringe Tree - white, late spring, clump or single
  • Wisteria - purple or pink, trained single, early spring

Most of these flowering trees have proven to be hardy and easy to care for in their specified zones. There are just a few things to keep in mind, for example, crabapples are very hardy but the red leaved varieties are prone to apple cedar rust and other fungus. Amelanchier is also easily infected by fungus if another infected plant is near by. If you intend to purchase a larger tree, I would suggest doing a little research first since the cost is high. Any guaranty will probably not help since these fungi typically take more than a year to kill the tree. If you spray the tree with an anti-fungal, prior to the buds opening in the spring, you can control the fungus.

Flowering trees are well worth consideration when planning your garden design. They offer shade, wind break, color and some even provide fragrance like the Ivory Silk Lilac.