Flowering Vine Photos

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Flowering vine photos of some of the more popular types. Boston Ivy is a great choice if your looking for a vine that is hardy and does not flower due to a bee allergy. This vine grows very dense and provides great fall color. Also pictured below is Clematis which is very colorful. They come in a wide range of flowers and colors, most being quite hardy. Clematis is a vigorous grower but is not nearly as dense as Boston Ivy.

In the next pairing I have the Trumpet vine and Wisteria. Both are hardy growers that will fill around an arbor in no time. Trumpet vines have the added benefit of attracting butterflies and humming birds. Wisteria is well known for its chain like flowers that are produced in abundance. Both have limited color selection but they are two of the most beautiful vines.

As you can see these vines offer plenty of color and a way to add the color in a unique way. Allowing them to grow and vine over an arbor, pergola or even a trellis elevates the color within the landscape. One of these structures covered in vine creates a focal point and draws the eye upward. Normally garden beds are at waist level and below with an occasional glance to a tree. By adding vines over structures you've now extended the garden upward increasing its size.

I will be adding more flowering vine photos as my own plants grow and bloom. I will also add more varieties as I have a chance to review and test them.