Flowering Vines

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Flowering vines can be beautiful and colorful when added to trellises, arbors and pergolas. These structures are perfect for climbing vines and the result is a living wall or roof. There are many varieties of vines available for most growing regions. There are many different flowering colors available and for those with bee allergy issues, there is the Boston Ivy with no flowers.

It is a necessity to provide these avid climbers with something to climb on. Most often people will use vines around an arbor entrance to a garden. Once the vine takes root it will grow fast and in just a couple of seasons it will form a living roof over the arbor. They also help anchor whatever structure they are tied to.

Vines are just another way to add color to the backyard garden. Having a trellis or arbor with vines also adds depth and visual appeal. I personally do not suggest encouraging vines to grow on the side of homes. Although this is a very attractive look, it can be detrimental to the homes structure and cause considerable rot. Since some vines can be quite vigorous, giving them sufficient room to vine is important unless you don't mind continuously trimming them.

Most flowering vines like full sun but most will tolerate part shade. Below is a list of some of the more popular vines and their sun requirements. Keep in mind that some of the common names listed also come in several different varieties with regards to flower color.


  • Bittersweet - full sun to part shade
  • Boston Ivy - full sun to part shade
  • Clematis - full sun preferrably
  • Climbing Lily - full sun to part shade
  • Honeysuckle - full sun
  • Hydrangea - part shade
  • Trumpet Vine - Prefers full sun but will tolerate some shade
  • Virgina Creeper - full sun to heavy shade
  • Wisteria - depends on variety, sun to part shade

Many of these vines also attract butterflies and humming birds. The Trumpet vine and Honeysuckle are two of the most interesting to these creatures. Most of these vines are quite hardy and require little care, although, that's not to say there are not some types that need more tender loving care like some of the Clematis varieties.

If your looking to add more color and interest to your yard or garden, try a flowering vine for all that it can offer. They are very unique, they can be very colorful and when planted around an arbor, they add elevation creating a focal point.