Flowering Vine Zones

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Flowering vine zones indicating what region specific plants grow best in. The USDA has produced a map of regions/zones which is an indication of average temperatures within that region. Plant suppliers and growers apply tags to plants which state what region each specific plant is best suited for. For example, a tag will state intended for zone 5 thru 9, meaning the plant is best suited for areas from northern Illinois to southern Texas. These regions can vary depending on prevailing winds and severity of winters, remember the map is based on averages.

Below is a list of zone ranges and the flowering vines that are within that zone range. The vines are listed by common name and are placed based on grower and supplier recommendations.


ZONE 3 THRU 9 - Bittersweet

ZONE 4 THRU 8 - Clematis

ZONE 4 THRU 9 - Boston Ivy, Honeysuckle, Hydrangea

ZONE 4 THRU 10 - Wisteria

ZONE 5 THRU 9 - Trumpet vine, Virginia Creeper

ZONE 7 THRU 11 - Climbing Lily

Since this regional map is based on averages, it is possible to grow vines that are on your regions border if you are close enough to that border. For example, if the plant is recommended for region 5 and you are near the border of region 5 but in region 4, you may still have success with that plant. Just properly prepare the plant for winter with plenty of mulch.

These flowering vine zone maps are a great resource for getting started. You can immediately reduce your selections by eliminating those plants outside your region. Then just decide what color, hardiness and sun exposure you want and need.