Ground Cover

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Using ground cover is a great way to hide bare spots and help retain soil moisture. Large areas of this cover can be quite beautiful on their own but when added to other landscape they really stand out. There are several varieties available that grow in sun or part shade. You can also choose different colors to match your existing landscape. They come in many heights anywhere from 1 inch to 2 feet. Most are quite hardy in their specific regions and under the right conditions.

Below I have created a list of some of the more hardy and attractive covers. I have also indicated approximate height and flower color if any. They are listed by common name only.


  • Beacon Silver Lamium - 6 to 8 inches, pink
  • Candy Stripe Phlox - 4 to 6 inches, leaves are red and white
  • Creeping Sedum - 3 to 5 inches, yellow, pink or red
  • Day Lily - 2 feet, various colors
  • Irish Moss - 1 inch, white
  • Mediterranean Pink - 4 to 6 inch, pink
  • Pachysandra - 6 to 7 inches, no bloom
  • Perwinkle - 4 to 5 inches, purple, white
  • Starburst Ice Plant - 4 inches, pink
  • Walk-On-Me - 3 iches, dark pink
  • Yellow Ice Plant - 3 to 4 inches, yellow

So often I see award winning gardens with only a couple of plant elements like shrubs and many different perennials. If I'm judging the event, I would be looking for the use of plants from several different categories. The real challenge is to create a garden using all the categories which creates a spectacle from ground to air. This not only shows the gardeners true abilities but also provides more interest.

I think the trick is to dazzle viewers on every level. When viewing a garden we should be forced to look all around and up and down. Whenever we move our heads we should see something new and different. Ground covers are an important part of creating this effect. They are unique, attractive and easy to grow.