Ground Cover Photos

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Ground cover photos showing some of the more popular and hardy varieties. There are several good ground covers available which can add color and fill in nooks throughout the garden. They are especially nice cascading over rocks and boulders. Starburst Ice plant is one of the more colorful with fairly large flowers. Perwinckle is one of the more hardy types and can be invasive if not trimmed often. Perwinkle has smaller bloom but thrives under any condition.

Below are Creeping Sedum and Mediterranean Pinks which are both fairly hardy and provide different interest. Creeping Sedum comes in several forms, some more hardy than others. This variety is not known for its tiny bloom but rather for its varigated leaves. The Mediterranean Pinks can re-bloom throughout the summer and the flower is almost florescent. They tend to grow rather sloppy unlike the Sedum but the flowers are well worth it.

There are many other ground covers that are worth picturing. I will continue to add ground cover photos as I add new ground covers to my landscape.