Perennial Shade Photos

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Perennial shade photos of plants that have proven to perform. These plants provide color and interest in shade gardens. Below are some Anemone which can be purchased as plants or grown from bulb.

The more common white Anemone has proven to be more reliable then the above hybrids but the color these hybrids provide is well worth the try. The white variety easily reseeds itself after bloom with a white feathery puff that contains many seeds. You can collect these seeds or return them to the soil for the next season.

Astilbe are one of my favorites, they offer many colors and the plant stays nice looking throughout the summer. Their flowers are unusual and provide a different texture for the garden. They also come in different sizes, some that get very tall. Just keep in mind what the height of the plant is after the bloom has ended.
Below are 2 perennial shade photos of plants that can be a bit more finicky. The Bleeding Heart and Columbine are both very attractive shade plants but if the heat is excessive they can be harmed. Full shade is required and moist well-drained soil is a must. Columbine come in a huge variety of colors and provide excellent bloom in the right conditions. Bleeding Heart offers less selection but the bloom is so unique the lack of selection doesn't matter.

Above is the Viola that also comes in a variety of colors and unlike the previously referenced plants can handle part-shade. You may notice some wilt if it receives to much sun but a quick water will take care of that. They tend to be rather tender and have difficulty supporting themselves. I like to plant them where other plantings can help support them.

There are a number of other shade perennials, I will continue to add photos and update the perennial page list with those I have yet to try.