Perennial Sun Photos

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Perennial sun photos showing many popular flowers that perform well. Day Lilies are probably the best perennial that can be planted for many different reasons. They offer a wide range of colors, the ability to re-bloom and they withstand almost any type of weather. Below are a few pictures of my garden lilies.

There are many hybrid varieties of this plant, I have 8 different varieties but only 4 bloom the entire season. I have colors than range from a brown tone to white or cream. The plant itself is quite nice appearing almost like a short grass plant. They reproduce and spread quite quickly so sub-dividing is required. I have had more success dividing in the early spring season. I often take a couple of different varieties and mix the sub-divisions into a new mixed planting.

Below are pictures of Dianthus, Bell Flowers and Corabells. All these flowers do very well. Both varieties of Corabells are in full sun and thrive.

I will continue to add perennial sun photos of all the types on my list. I will also add new items as I discover them and they prove to be hardy and productive.

Below are two Hibiscus plants, one taller plant with huge pink bloom and the other a smaller bush form plant with red flowers.

These next two plants are two of my favorites, the varigated Phlox and Leadwort. The varigated Phlox has almost flourescent coral color flowers and prefers full sun while the Leadwort has purple flowers and prefers part shade.