Perennial Winners

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Perennial winners showing the top three recommended flowers. There are many beautiful perennials but there can only be three top rated flowers. These flowers were chosen based on several factors like hardiness and ease of care.

1) Hibiscus

Number one Hibiscus is a showy bloomer. The bloom can be as big as dinner plates and they come in great abundance. There are several color combinations available as well as plant shapes. I prefer the smaller shrub form that stays nice and compact. I also love the fact they bloom from mid to late summer when color is really needed. They require very little care other than normal watering. I also like the fact that they do not attract an excessive amount of bees. The plant itself is nice looking especially the bush form. The much taller form gets larger bloom and can come in varieties that have redish leaves.

2) Day Lily

The most hardy among all perennials. Day lilies come in a huge variety of colors and sizes. The plant is attractive enough, it almost appears to be a grass plant. They have also produced new varieties that bloom several times a season and those that bloom so heavily that the bloom carries through the season. The color combinations are spectacular and every year they create more. My only issue is the dead bloom, it must be cut down to remove the ugly dead wood. These plants also need room to expand since they will bush out further every year. You can also sub-divide them to keep them in check.

3) Mum

Garden mums have always been a favorite. They are fairly hardy and they come in a good variety of colors. The fact they bloom so late in the season is a plus. The plant stays in a nice tight bush shape and is attractive on it's own. I struggled with this choice since I have lost a few to winter but the color so late in the season is well worth it. They also need room to grow and can be divided to keep them contained.

There are many other perennials I have and love but the three above seem to be the best all around performers. Perennial winners must be hardy, colorful and produce outstanding bloom.