Planting Zones

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Planting zones is a guide for selecting the correct plants for a specific region. Zones can vary as much as 10 degrees fahrenheit depending on whether or not the plant is prepped for winter and prevailing winds. Below is a map that was issued by the USDA and is used by growers, suppliers and nurseries for suggested use of any given plant.

The below chart is in fahrenheit degrees.

Nurseries and retailers place a tag on each plant which should specify what region is best for the plant. Many plants are sold in areas that are border line for success, reading the tags can save a lot of money and disappointment. If you would like to try a border line plant, be sure to properly prep the plant for winter by providing a good layer of mulch.

Regional maps are very important for garden success. They guide us in selecting the best plants for reliability and production of bloom. Most of your better retailers and nurseries won't even carry plants outside the region but there are always those that do. Take your time, read the tags and select the best hardiness for your area.