Shade Flower Photos

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Shade flower photos displaying plants that perform well in shade to part shade locations. You can still have plenty of color in the shade even though the selection is not as large. I have mentioned a few in the previous page and below are photos of some of those listed.

Impatien are full shade lovers and Pansy tend to prefer part-shade. Both are good performers that require minimal care and provide many vivid colors. Below are photos of Coleus and Begonias, although Coleus are not known for flowering, their leaves more than compensate for this shortfall. Both provide plenty of color and are quite hardy.

Also pictured below is the Fushia plant. This plant thrives in very light sun to full shade. It comes in a couple of different variations but the one pictures is the most vibrant.

Many of the flowers indicated as full sun performers can also be used in part-shade locations. As the sun continues to get stronger many of the full sun performers actually prefer partial shade. They may not flower as frequently in part-shade but the bloom will last much longer. Dianthus is a variety I have had success with in part-shade locations, their bloom lasts a long time giving the impression that they are continually blooming.

I will continue to add shade flower photos as I try new varieties and they prove to be performers. I will also continue to try sun bed flowers in the shade to find those that do well outside the recommended use.