Shrub Fall Color

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Shrub fall color is something to consider when choosing garden shrubs. If you would like your garden color to extend into fall then choosing shrubs that have vibrant fall colors is important. Some of the shrubs suggested for their flowering are also good for fall color. All leaves turn as fall progresses but many just turn a dingy color and then fall off. The shrubs suggested here are those that offer some vibrance, even the ordinary yellow leaves can be attractive if they turn to a more intense shade of yellow.


  • Flowering Almond - deep yellow
  • Rose Tree of Sharon - bright yellow
  • Mock Orange - certain varieties, Golden intense yellow
  • Virburnum - certain varieties turn orange
  • Chokeberry - changing color from orange, red to burgundy
  • Flowering Quince - bright yellow, some orange
  • Spirea - certain varieties yellow to orange to rust
  • Sweet Pea - orange to red and deeper

There are many shrubs not known for their flowering that offer great fall color. Although this site is dedicated to flowers and all the plants that offer flowers, I think the general goal of color deserves a reference to those shrubs that offer great fall color.


  • Amur Acer Maple - orange, red, burgundy
  • Purple Smoke Tree - (shrub)carries deep purple thru fall
  • Burning Bush - bright flame red
  • Golden Vicary - carries bright yellow into fall
  • Ninebark - carries deep purple or bright yellow into fall
  • Red Leaf Plum - carries purple into fall
  • Sumac - orange to red
  • Service Berry - orange to red
  • Barberry - keeps deep red into fall
  • Virburnum - deep purple and red
  • Early Amethyst - purple berries fall into winter

When choosing your flowering shrubs think about fall color. A good mix of all the flower types, some flowering shrubs and some fall color will keep your garden landscape looking great all the way till first frost. Shrub fall color is just another element in creating the perfect garden landscape.

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