Shrub Photos

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Shrub photos showing some of the most hardy and colorful flowering shrubs. Some of the most beautiful flowers are produced by shrubs and not your typical annual or perennial flower. The pictures below of Althea (Rose Tree of Sharon), Hydrangea and Lilac are three of the most attractive. The Lilac has the added benefit of fragrance.

All three of the above shrubs come in a variety of colors. The Hydrangea usually comes in a bold pink, white, lavender or blue. It can produce different colors on one bush depending on soil conditions and type. I have a Nikko Blue that gets anything from pink to blue depending on how acidic the soil conditions are.

The Rose Tree of Sharon comes in many colors like white, red, pink, lavender, purple and many bi-colors. They also come in double bloomers which look like small carnations. I prefer the single bi-color for the size of the bloom. They also reseed themselves so in no time you could have many more for transplanting.

Lilacs come in a huge variety of sizes, types, scents and colors. You can choose white, lavender, pink or purple. Sizes go from dwarf to giant bushes. There are many hybrids like french, japanese and korean which offer variation in size, scent and color.

The below picture of a Flowering Almond almost looks like a cone of cotton candy. These shrubs can be hard to grow in regions colder than zone 6 but it is well worth it.

Since I have most of these bushes, I will be adding shrub photos from time to time as they bloom.