Shrub Zones

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Shrub zones indicating what specific regions bushes are recommended for. All plants have a recommended region for optimum performance which varies on things like prevailing winds, elevation and weather. The recommendations are based on averages for that region and not current weather conditions.

The below list indicates what zones the flowering shrub plants best perform in based on the averages. They are listed by common name.

ZONE 3 THRU 7 - Lilac

ZONE 3 THRU 8 - Speria

ZONE 4 THRU 9 - Mock Orange, Verburnum, Weigela, Forsythia, Potentilla, Chokeberry

ZONE 4 THRU 10 - Flowering Almond, Rose bush

ZONE 5 THRU 8 - Rose Tree of Sharon

ZONE 5 THRU 9 - Hydrangea, Sweet Pea, Butterfly bush, Flowering Quince, Rhodadendrum, Azalea

If your living near a zone border and the plant label states it's not in your zone, you can always attempt to grow the plant with some added precautions. Give the plant the best conditions with respect to soil, moisture and feeding. Be sure to mulch the plant well for winter prep. Sometimes even though they state a plant grows in your region it may be border line. I have found several types that do not do well in my region even though they are recommended for the region.

I suggest starting with the hardiest varieties and then adding those plants that seem borderline. Remember these shrub zone charts are produced by the USDA as a rough guide for selecting plants. As always I also suggest staying away from any plant that could be invasive.