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Tree photos of the flowering type that are also hardy. This page contains photos of trees that are known for their bloom and those, from my experience, have proven to be consistent performers. When deciding which trees are best suggested, I looked at several issues like consistent bloom quality, tree hardiness, disease issues and growth habit. The below is a picture of a Canadian Cherry in the background. This tree is rather unique since the bloom opens after the leaves and the leaves turn burgundy after the bloom dies.

Crabapples are one one the most hardy trees. They usually have very heavy bloom as shown but the red leaved varieties are prone to disease, primarily fungus. This variety also have the most intense bloom coming in light to dark pinks. If the fungus does infect the tree, try using a fungicide spray prior to the leave buds opening. There is a huge selection of different sizes and shapes available.

Below are the Amelanchier and Redbud trees. The Eastern Redbud is a proven performer that blooms well as long as there is no frost after the bloom starts. The Amelanchier is a bit more finicky, it either does well or dies. I have had success with it in well drained soils, it's better dry than moist. They also can develop fungus as can any Service Berry species. Follow the same guides I suggested for Crabapples.

There are many more trees that I have not taken pictures of yet. I will continue to add tree photos of all the trees listed on the flowering tree page as they come into bloom.