Vine Winners

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Vine winners showing the top three selected flowering vines. Flowering vines are a great addition to any garden landscape. These vine winners were selected based on their hardiness, appearance and overall performance. A vine should grow at a good rate, have beautiful flowers and be very dense. Here are the top three vines as rated by my own experience.

1) Clematis

This vine is relatively hardy depending on which variety you select. This vine rates first for its outstanding bloom, no matter which variety you select the bloom will be fantastic. The rate of growth is good if properly cared for. Once the vine has taken root and grown some, the maintenance is minimal. Just about every color is offered making it hard to select one.

2) Trumpet

This is another fairly hardy vine that has a flower shaped like a trumpet. The flowers are good size and they attract butterflies and humming birds. The foliage is dense and the growth rate is average. This is a very striking vine when mature.

3) Honeysuckle

As you can guess from its name this plant is very hardy like its cousin bush form. The flowers are larger and more plentiful than the bush Honeysuckle. The vine grows quickly and is fairly dense. If you want a quick living wall this would be the preferred vine. I also must mention the Wisteria since I thought is was every bit as good as the Honeysuckle. The Wisteria is hardy, has a good growth rate and comes in white or purple.

These vine winners have all proven to be what they were intended for, they are good growing, flowering and they easily create living walls. There is nothing more beautiful than a living wall on a trellis or around an arbor.

Try one of these flowering vines and I think you'll be happy. They provide a different look to the garden by elevating their magnificent flowers towards the sky.