Wild Flower Photos

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Wild flower photos of some of the more recognized plants that grow in most regions. These pictures are some of my favorite flowers that are very easy to grow. I got hooked on these flowers when I received a free packet one spring. I just sprinkled the packet over the ground with no prep and I still ended up with a great display.

Obviously I would not suggest anyone plant the way I did but I wanted to reference how easy these flowers are to grow. Of coarse there were flowers that I liked and those I didn't. I really liked the Cosmos for the variation of colors and the soft lacy like look of the plant. I also liked the Mallow and Hollyhock for the magnificent flowers, I have always been partial to the Hibiscus family which are very similar.

Cornflowers and Queen Anne's Lace add a splash of color. The fun part of wildflowers is the variety and the cottage feel garden the mix provides. The extra benefit these gardens create is the attraction they provide for dragonflies, butterflies and many different species of birds.

These wild flower photos will hopefully spark some interest in the natural beauty of these flowers. They not only provide us with beauty but they are an important part of of our eco system.