Wild Flower Winners

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Wild flower winners, top three recommended listed by common name. It was very difficult to choose three top performing wildflowers since they all are beautiful in their own way. Wild flowers often cross lines with annuals and perennials since many of those types have been bred from a wild form. When rating these flowers I took the wild form, not the hybrid form.

1) Cosmos

I chose Cosmos for its unique appearing foliage and very bright colored flower. The Cosmos plant is very delicate and lacy in appearance while the flowers stand tall with their intense colors. They are easy to grow and require little care. They are truly an annual but can reseed under the right conditions. The only negative is the plant tends to dry and look poor after flowering but this is true of most wild flowers.

2) Blacked-Eyed Susan

This is one of those plants I referred to as being a perennial as well. The wild version is not nearly as attractive in the plant but the flowers are relatively the same. They are very hardy and can return each season. The plant is rather unattractive all year but when they flower the plant seems to disappear. The yellow-gold color of the flower stands out among all of the others. These flowers are very popular since they require little care and are consistent performers.

3) Rose Mallow

Another hardy performer that has an attractive flowers almost like a small Hibiscus. Although the flower is not as outstanding and dramatic as some of the other wild flowers, on close inspection it is truly beautiful. Mallow is also a plant that has been hybrid into a more attractive perennial of several varieties. They have been bred to provide larger flowers with more color variations.

These flowers were chosen for their performance based on consistency and ease of care. Cosmos earned the top spot for all its attributes including its hardiness, bloom, foliage and the way it sways in the wind.

Wild flower winners like Cosmos can add so much to any garden landscape. They have a unique attraction of a more natural appearance.