Winning Ground Cover

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Winning ground cover is hardy, attractive and provides a dense blanket over the ground. These top three ground covers all rose above the rest with regards to their outstanding appearance. They are easy to grow for even the beginner. Here are my top three selections for the most interesting ground cover.

1) Creeping Sedum

The growers have continued to produce these to be more hardy and they have succeeded. There are a good number of choices now with several that are much hardier than in years past. Some varieties focus on the flower while others focus on the plant and leaf. I have a varigated variety that has tiny pink bloom. I chose this variety for its hardiness and leaf, not for its bloom. Once it took , it quickly spread over the ground. It stays nice and full at the perfect height.

2) Candy Stripe Phlox

This made the list for its beautiful leaves, just like the name states. Phlox has always been a hardy perennial and this ground cover is also if cared for properly. Anytime you can add color at ground level to this degree it's an award winner. Although a little taller than the Sedum, it still stays in a nice form.

3) Medeterranean Pink

This made the list for its vibrant bloom. The plant can tend to be a bit wild in its growth habit but the bloom more than make up for it. The small neon pink bloom are abundant in spring after which the plant begins to spread. They will re-bloom again in mid to late summer but not as profusely as in spring. This vine can be lightly trimmed to keep it in check.

Winning ground cover must meet the definition of their name. They should provide a blanket of life over the ground and create interest. Flowers are an added benefit but the plant should be equally as attractive.

Ground covers are a great addition to any garden landscape. They provide a needed element to most landscapes by hiding the earth and retaining the moisture within that earth.