Winning Shrubs

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Winning shrubs, the top three recommended flowering shrubs. Flowering shrubs were rated for hardiness, foliage, bloom and maintenance. There were many good choices available making it hard to select the top three winning shrubs. Shrubs make a great addition to landscape and gardens. Here are the top three flowering shrubs.

1) Rose Tree of Sharon or Althea

This relative of Hibiscus has improved greatly over the last several years. In the past it was difficult to have consistent success with this plant in harsh winter regions. They now are quite hardy elevating them to number one. The flowers come in several colors and combination colors. There are single or double bloomers. The singles look just like Hibiscus and the doubles like a small Carnation. The bush has a nice predictable growth habit and they are known to seed new Altheas. Great shape, spectacular flowers and plenty of choices make this a no contest number one.

2) Hydrangea

This nice shrub could be considered a perennial in colder climates since it has a tendency to come back from the ground but it is classified as a bush. Hydrangea have large attractive long lasting bloom. The colors are limited but the size of the bloom and intensity of color more than make up for it. The bush is also attractive, very full and dense with the bloom atop the outer edges. They are very hardy but do require a fair amount of water. They prefer sun to part shade, preferably not in the hottest sun of the day.

3) Korean Spice Bush a Vurburnum

This shrub has an amazing fragrance. It is hardy and requires little care. The bush shape is nice with little maintenance required. The leaves are rounded and have a hairy feel to them. Above all though is the beautiful fragrance that everybody loves. They grow in almost any soil and they prefer full sun but will tolerate some shade. They are often planted near entrances and patios to take advantage of the scent.

I must also mention the Butterfly bush for regions 6 and south. This bush has beautiful bloom in many colors and attracts many butterflies hence the name. Unfortunately it did not make number three since its hardiness is inconsistent in region 5. Although rated for region 5 it is not reliable. If your wondering where the Lilac bush is, it requires to much maintenance to make the top three.

Flowering shrubs are a must for any landscape. They can add color and form to any landscape or garden bed.

Winning shrubs have beautiful form, spectacular flowers and in some cases unmatchable fragrance. Try one of these top rated shrubs in your landscape for outstanding appeal.